#6: Terrifying Technology?

Is technology created by the young for the young? Do the young thrive without instructions and reckless abandon? Are we afraid of technology or of getting old? These are questions I hadn’t really thought about until I read Viktor Koen’s article in the Wall Street Journal.

Being someone born in the late 90s, I grew up alongside technology. I remember when the clunky Nokias became sleek iPhones. I remember when the front camera was added to iPods. I remember the awe that I felt taking my first picture on one.In  fifth grade my teacher told us that in no time laptops wouldn’t have keyboards anymore and they’d all be touchscreen – I found it hard to believe. It’s been a fast ride to say the least.

Not knowing how to work tech gadgets isn’t something I’ve encountered. The article made me think about what it will be like once I do have that experience. Already, I see major differences in the way my siblings and I were raised. I will never, for anything in the world, understand why musical.ly is so popular and entertaining for them. I loved Vine but cringe when I see famous “viners” try to stay relevant.

I think the article makes very interesting points on schema and assimilation and adaptation. These are especially valid when relating to technology. However, I think some people will inevitably have more trouble adapting than others. My parents had to adapt to American culture and as a result, American technology. Others have different abilities that could hinder them from adapting to newer technology.

Millennials will be an interesting group in regards to how we will adapt to technology as we age. We already revel in the nostalgia of the 90s and love to buy ‘antiques’ like record players.

If the only constant is change, how will we keep up?

Like Koen says, the moment you choose to stop growing, your world will begin to shrink. Especially in an increasingly multicultural, diversifying world. It’s hard to predict if what he says will really happen to today’s youth. Maybe technology will become so simple that it will be like second nature to adapt to it.  Maybe we’ll actually be able to maintain an equilibrium. That remains to be seen.

Hopefully future technology is accessible to more people around the world, of all abilities. I predict that increasing accessibility will increase our inclination to interact with new waves of technology so that we may communicate with people we hadn’t been able to communicate with before.

Technology will continue to be created by the young, for the young but maybe more of us will be able to keep up.



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