Women’s Respect Doesn’t Depend on the Clothes We Wear

Over the weekend, I noticed something peculiar. Halloween seems to be the prime time for everyone to immediately jump on the “holier-than-thou” trend of shaming women for what we choose to wear.

It’s usually some dude who thinks his opinion is the standard the world must adhere to and it usually involves a long Facebook post lecturing women to have more respect for themselves.

The argument goes that women use Halloween as an excuse to dress like sluts and that obviously this stems from a deep-seeded need for men’s approval. “You don’t have to dress like that to get a man,” says Facebook dude, “Of course no nice guys will want you.” He then declares, “I would never let my wife or daughter go out in revealing clothes.” And so he lists reasons why women should cover their bodies and have more respect all in the hopes of attracting the right kind of man – a nice guy like him.

“Stop dressing like a slut!” scolds Facebook dude. “Only then will you earn my respect,” he says.

This kind of talk is the reason why Brock Turner only spent 3 months in jail for raping an unconscious woman.

People like Facebook dude are in abundance. They think a woman’s ultimate achievement is to earn their respect. That the reason women dress in revealing outfits is solely to catch the attention of men. Never mind the women who aren’t even remotely attracted to men and still dress how they want.

There are so many things wrong with this line of thinking. First of all, don’t flatter yourselves Facebook dudes. Women don’t exist solely for your approval! Your body is yours and our bodies are ours! How simple is that. And guess what? We do what we want to our bodies. Mind-blowing, truly.

Second of all, why are you attacking women for wearing costumes that have been designed by men for women? Shouldn’t you instead be questioning companies as to why there is an overabundance of “sexy” costumes?

Third, why aren’t you criticizing other men for using Halloween to run around half naked. Plenty of men wear shirtless costumes. They’re exposing themselves too. Aren’t men’s bodies also ‘sacred’? Why aren’t you policing them?

And lastly, is a woman wearing revealing clothing going to kill you? Will it affect your livelihood? Is she attacking your family? Did you die? Or are you just offended women don’t live to adhere to your standards of modesty? Seriously, get over yourself.

If you base respect on someone’s fucking clothing, I think that says a lot more about you than whoever it is you deem so unworthy of your respect.


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