Event Review: Dia de los Muertos

Today, the Latin American Hispanic Student Organization and Student Activities Board finally had all their hard work pay off.

The Red Barn looked lively and colorful with all the decorations in place. There was a face painting and sugar skull decorating station, a live band, and lots of food. A good thirty minutes before the official start time, a line was already forming out the door.

Once the event began, it was a nonstop line of people. I was helping serve food and did not see a break until two hours in. El Nopal catered the event with fajitas, rice, beans, chips, and salsa. LAHSO also provided pan de muerto, a sweet bread roll traditionally made in Mexico.

The altar was beautifully put together and allowed for people to write the names of lost loved ones. I appreciated the social justice theme added and thought it was a powerful addition to the altar.

The event also had a short presentation about the history of Dia de los Muertos and its significance in Latin America.

Kentucky All Stars provided a variety of upbeat Spanish music throughout the night. Although, not exclusively Mexican music, they definitely made it fun. A fantastic addition to this year’s event was Mexico Lindo, a Mexican dance group consisting of women who dance to traditional Mexican music.

UofL alumni Luis Arduz also added to the event with a salsa dance lesson that people of all backgrounds could enjoy.

It was great to see all kinds of people at the event. Everyone got to get a taste of the holiday as well as exposure to Mexican culture.

All in all, Dia de los Muertos got a good representation at the University of Louisville. Well over a hundred students were able to enjoy music, food, and get a glimpse of another culture.

The event was definitely another success for LAHSO and hopefully they will continue the momentum with next semester’s big event – Carnaval.








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