Rethinking Mexico: Cuernavaca, Morelos

When I traveled to Mexico this summer, I went with a mission. I went to visit family and friends but I also went to make a point to the people I left in the States.

I wanted to make a point especially to my American friends – those that imagined Mexico as a desert filled with ponchos and sombreros. This image is true to some extent, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface of Mexico’s beauty.

I have been travelling to Mexico since I was a year old but not consistently. It had been four years since I had last been to Mexico and I was eager to go again.

My pic of a street in downtown Cuernavaca

Most of my family is in Cuernavaca, Morelos. It is about two hours from Mexico City. It’s known as the “Ciudad de la eterna primavera” or “the city of eternal Spring.”

Indeed, the weather was beautiful almost the entire month that I was there. The average temperature is around 72°F. It very rarely rains during the day so it’s almost never humid.

Freshly picked coconut and mango

One of the things I love the most about Mexico is the abundance of fresh produce. Almost everything is fresh – fruit, vegetables, herbs, even meat. You can find these things in the colonía.

Downtown, the centro, Cuernavaca is gorgeous. It holds historic sites next to modern buildings. The palace of Hernán Cortés is one such site that serves as a reminder of Spanish rule but is now a museum.

The downtown area is filled with beautiful streets full of vendors. There are dozens of places to eat, drink, buy, socialize, dance, and just have fun. Performers will be on almost every corner.

Another place that you can visit is Jardín Borda which is the grounds of Emperor Maximilian I’s summer home where he lived with his wife Carlota. The cost of entry is very cheap and you can tour for as long as you like.

One of the many fountains in Jardin Borda.

Whatever your tastes, you are likely to find something enjoyable somewhere in Cuernavaca.

Throughout my time, I was updating Snapchat and Instagram so that my friends would see the beauty of Mexico as I did.

Cuernavaca is a place you should definitely visit if you have the chance. The people are friendly, the views are amazing, and the food is delicious.

Even now, I still have barely scratched the surface of Mexico’s wonders. I love Mexico and I want to continue to explore it as much as I can.

I encourage people to rethink Mexico. I know my friends have changed views as a result of my adventure and I hope to reach more people. Mexico is much, much more than a desert with sombreros. It is a diverse country with a beautiful culture and breathtaking scenery.

Me in front of a cathedral downtown.




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